Glam up : Look Sexy and Sizzling

Dress: Asos.com / Earrings & Necklace : dazzlekart.com (Coming soon)  

I love Dazzle and anything blingy instantly catches my attention. No wonder I want to own every sequined dress there is on this planet and asos.com has helped me achieve a tad bit of it..hehe. I mean all sequined dress additions to my closet comes from asos

I wanted to create a sexy sizzling look and I am glad it did turn out the way I wanted. 

Red lips can never fail anyone. If you are skeptical of putting red lipstick then follow these tips and tricks.
  • Red lips might not go with every dress. Personally, I would not wear it with a bright green or blue colored dress. However It would compliment a white or black dress.
  • If you do red lips, avoid using bright eyeshadows.A black eyeliner or just a dab of gold shimmer would give your eyes some pop. If in a hurry, use none of this and just apply mascara.
  • Use a lip liner first. Without the lip liner, your lips will not be defined well and the lip shade can look messy and uneven.
  • If you want fuller lips, you can outline outside your lips to get an illusion of fuller and pouty lips.
  • Red lipsticks look better at night time than daytime. 
Doing red lips is the quickest way to glam-up. So go ahead and try it. Do share your pictures when you try !

Dress: Asos.com 
Earrings & Necklace : dazzlekart.com (Coming soon)  

Makeup Used :
Face :

Eyes :

Lipstick : Chanel Rouge Coco 21 Rivoli (Alternative - Mac Satin Just a Bite A 53)

Gel Nails :
Le Chat Perfect Match Hot Fever , Outlet Nail Shop on Ebay
For fancy nail art items that I used here such as bows, crystals and hearts , check out this post . It has the best deals you can get on nail art items with free international shipping.

Lenses :


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