DIY Baby Shower Ideas - Sash , Props and Gifts

It is not a Fashion post, but I was so excited to share this with all you girls! I am in the phase of life where I have been attending so many baby showers lately . I think it's that one day when you can make your pregnant friend feel so special and create some wonderful memories together. It's all about celebrations , fun and laughter (and lots of pictures :P).  So recently, we threw a surprise baby shower for my very dear friend and I decided to make some DIY baby shower props. I mostly got these ideas from Pinterest and other baby showers. It is so easy that you can make these too and these are reusable. You just need some stationary and a bit of creativity.

Things you can make :

  • "Mom to be" Sash - A baby shower is incomplete without this. Obviously since it's a girl in my friends case , It had to be pink. 
  • "Dad to be" Badge - It is the second perfect addition if the dad is a a part of the baby shower too. 
  • Photo booth Props - These are small props which you can hold and click pictures with. I am so in love with these pink beauties.
  • "About to Pop " chart - This is such a beautiful way of sending across your messages ! You can make a chart and all friends can write in there messages to the couple.

Things you need :

  • Bright Pink and Orange Paper (The thicker the better so the props don't crease while you hold them)
  • White Chart Paper
  • Ribbons ( For Sash and Props)
  • Pink and  Green Cloth
  • Skewer Sticks ( For tholding the photobooth Props)
  • Glitter  ( For filling in the text)
  • Safety Pin ( For putting behind the Badge)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Gum
  • Pencil 
  • Eraser

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