Look : Beach Wear Outfit in Sanya

So this time I am going to post tons of photos in the same outift! I was way too excited to shoot in this outfit because finally I could fit in my old clothes! Hypothyroidism yet again caused a massive weight gain. It took me a lot of effort to get back in shape. There have been so many of you asking about weight loss tips with Hypothyroidism and PCOS and I will be coming up with a new post on it really soon! 

Btw , I was in Sanya in China , where I found some stunning locations to shoot these pics. 

Outfit details : 
Cropped top : Platinum Mall , Bangkok
Shorts : Zara
Bag : Louis Vuitton 
Aviators : Rayban 
Footwear : Michael Kors

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Dress for Less | Forever 21 Summer Wear Haul

When you think of summers, you think of colourful, flowy and breathable outfits. If you are looking for something which doesn't break the bank , then check out Forever 21. They have the latest collection of affordable chic outfits in Nordic patterns to Lace and Chiffons. 
Outfit : Forever 21| Aviators : Rayban
Outfit : Forever 21 Bag : Louis Vuitton | Footwear : Michael Kors | Aviators : Rayban
Top & Skirt  : Forever 21 | Bag : Louis Vuitton | Footwear : Michael Kors | Aviators : Rayban

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Summer Wear : Dress for Less


Skirt and Top : Forever 21 | Bag : Louis Vuitton | Aviators : Ray ban 

I haven't blogged in ages and I am sure I have lost a lot of my viewers :( I totally gave up on blogging. I gave up on pretty much everything! because the last one year was pretty tough for me. I had moved to a new city after which I fell chronically ill. My focus then was to just get back my health and though it took a while, I am fitter than ever.  I do post on social media about my diet and other things I do to fight fatigue, loose weight and get fit.

So finally with my energy levels back, I travelled to Danang, Vietnam recently. Being a beach destination, you would want to wear something sexy and comfortable. I am a sucker for cropped tops! So I bought this lacy one and paired it up with a high waisted skirt because I am not sure if I can pull off a low waisted skirt with a bloated stomach! Oh yes! and I picked up these items for pretty cheap from Forever 21.

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