This blog is a journey of all my creative endeavours in the realm of Beauty and Fashion. Having got the blissful opportunity to reside in Tokyo, the heaven of Glamor and Fashion, gave me access to the most awe inspiring and cutting edge styles. The idea was to bring forth Tokyo Fashion incorporated with my own ideas, styling and creativity. Working as a fashion model reinforced this idea. I recently moved to Hongkong after living in Tokyo for 7 years and continue to blog occasionally.

What all you will find here
Here, you will find a generous dose of fashion trends, outifts/looks-of-the-day, product reviews, makeup and styling tips with some occasional ramblings of my shoots and day to day life.

Blog Statistics (still a long way to go...)
Blog Hits : 2.8 million hits
Facebook Followers:  58,000 +
Google + Views : 2 million

About me
I am Tanya! A fashion fanatic, shopaholic and an extrovert. I am from Delhi, India and currently based in Hongkong. An Economics graduate, MBA and ex-Equity Research Analyst, I changed my path to be a Model , Actor, Voice Over Artist and Fashion Blogger, owing to great love and passion for creativity.

What I Like
Fashion, Makeup, Gyming, Blogging, Chatting, Glitter, Crystals, Music, Shopping, Photography, Animals, and everything colorful.

What I don't like
Negative people, Insects.

How to contact me
You can contact me anytime by filling in the contact form on the tabs bar or you can email me by clicking on the "email me" icon on the right side of the header.